Tall Tree Consulting: Web Application Development And Design

Personal Solutions
Tall Tree Consulting consists of professional talent working on a personal level, including direct communication with the team to identify your needs and cooperatively seek out site enhancements, while offering years of professional experience to help you get the most from today's interactive technology.

Professional Image
We help you create and maintain a professional, functional web presence, keeping in mind that web sites are not just brochures, but tools helping you connect to clients and customers, create relationships, and make sales. Read more about using the internet to project the professional image of your business.

Beneficial Functionality
The services we can provide include project management, development of such applications as content management systems, online sales, file and document management, and informational sites. We are also able to assist with computer upgrades and repair, networking, and software support. We also provide a project and task oriented extranet to streamline project management, communication and getting your needs fulfilled.

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What Really Matters
The bottom line is that what we do best is develop dynamic, database driven web sites, usually for designers and marketing agencies. Perhaps even more important, we treat each project individually, using accurate estimates to keep your costs in line with your expectations. We are seasoned veterans with Microsoft ASP development, and SQL Server databases, and have also developed in PHP and used MySQL for a long time. We are proficient in HTML, Javascript and CSS, and can also assist you with ColdFusion, VBScript and .NET development. As the new web evolves, we evolve. Check out a sample site in progress, a simple To Do List web application that uses AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) to create a fast, easy user interface. My focus is on taking sites to a professional level. Take a look at the client list so you can get a better idea of what I can offer you, or for an idea of the functionality I can provide in your web site, contact me to gain access to my extranet, or get a sample site to manage using my web based file management application. We'd also like to hear about your upcoming projects that require a professional web development team.

"...what these statistics tell us is that the art of modern software engineering is typically practiced at the expense of the client. I like to call this malpractice by management."

--Manfred Bundschuh,
President of the German Software Metrics Association

Greater Philadelphia area